interesting idea: charge for "following" to monetize


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with the recent troubles at Instagram (owned by Facebook) with users leaving their service, some other Apps are gaining momentum, like e.g.: Pheed

Pheed, an Instagram-like app that gives users the option to monetize their own content by charging followers to see their posts, gained more users than any other app in the United States on Thursday. By Thursday morning, Pheed had jumped to the ninth most downloaded social-networking app in Apple’s iTunes store, just ahead of LinkedIn.

This idea is quite interesting to give users the ability to monetize their content.
Would this be an idea for XenForo ?

Jake Bunce

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Hmm. It's an interesting idea. I'm not sure it would be appropriate for a forum. Forums are not as user-centric as social services. With forums the money typically goes to the forum owner. If a user wants to earn money on their forum content then they would start a new forum.

Plus handling payouts to your member opens a whole can of worms.