Integration conflicts

Before I start I should say Im completely new to the ZEND framework but have used PHP for years so I am trying to work my head around it all.

I installed xenForo last night updating from PHPBB.
My PHPBB forum is heavily modified to merge into my site. The FORUM_users table didn't exsist as I have a custom MEMBERS table that integrated the PHPBB user data with my own users information.

Now Ive managed to work round this and merged the xf_user table data with by members table.
However Ive run into a weird problem and being unfamiliar with ZEND I'm having a hard time working out how to fix it.

I have a column in my MEMBERS table called 'Title' which contains the users title i.e.: Mr/Mrs etc
Now I checked for conflicts before I started and as there was no title in the xf_users column I created it during the merge.

Everything looks fine with the merge apart from all the thread titles are pulling out the title data xf_users and not from xf_thread. If I click on the thread it all looks as expected but not of the thread list page I just have lots of threads called MRS :)

I could simply change the title column name but I would rather not as it means changing code on the rest of my site.

Now I thought this would be a simple fix of pointing to the correct table to pull the data but Im lost in zend and can't work out where its being pulled from?

Additionally do you have any site recommendations for learning zend? I would like to understand whats going on as I feel bit out of my comfort zone.

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
On thread pages the software performs a join on the xf_user table when querying the xf_thread record. That would result in an ambiguous "title" field in the results of that query.

You could possibly extend XenForo_Model_Thread::getThreadById with a custom addon. Or just modify the file (library/XenForo/Model/Thread.php). That would allow you to change the query and explicitly name the title field in the results.
Thanks thats very helpful. Im just getting my head around things very slllooowlly (My ability to pick things up is frustratingly slow!) piecing together. Im really impressed with it so far. Its very clean and well written with some very helpful features. Far superior to phpbb that I was using. Feeling really excited about getting it switched over.