Integrate XenForo user-bar on different platform


Hey guys!

(If this is the wrong section to create this thread, sorry for that. Any mod feel free to move it to the proper section).

I'm creating a platform in CakePHP and I've installed a XenForo installation at /community/.
My CakePHP installation is hooked up to the XenForo user table, so that's already "integrated".

Now I'm looking for a way to have the "user-bar" of the forum to display on my normal website as well, so that the user always has access to their private messages, notifications and profile.

Can you guys recommend me how I can best do this? I have attached an image to illustrate what I mean:

Before people recommend me to use Kotomi I'd like to add I'm not looking for a full-header integration. As far as I know, Kotomi also includes other header links + the breadcrumbs. I'm in no need of those elements.

Creating a header that has all the information that can be shown on both the forums and my platform would be the best. But I'm a bit lost on where to start.

Any help is great appreciated and would make my life a lot better!

Thanks in advance,



No words of advice on this matter guys? I'd be very thankful if you'd share your knowledge on this!