Lack of interest Instant Email alert to admins for "Server Error Log"


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Instant Email alert to admins (configured email) for "Server Error Log"
It's very important for an admin to be alerted every time a server error is logged.
Specially if it's critical.

I tried to search this forum for similar suggestion but didn't find one.

Edit: With an option to enable or disable :)
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There is a notice on the panel already. I mean, an email would be very nice but for the same error multiple instances can get spammed causing some issues, though some providers would put them under the same message as replies due to the same content. Anyhow, it's on the front page on the admin control panel, which is quite noticeable.


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This is currently implementable via push notifications if you use one of the XenPushover oddons (well, Chris' anyway, I've not tested XFRocks'). You'll get a ping straight to your phone :)