Installing add-ons via FTP


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I'm curious.

When I first dipped my toe into installing add-ons, I was very surprised that there was no way to install an add-on via web interface much as I had been used to with SMF.

Are there any plans to introduce something like that or not? Does it bother you that XenForo doesn't allow it? (Or am I missing something pretty fundamental?)

Disclaimer: I do development work on a free forum package. I do also have a live XenForo forum too.


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Doesnt particularly bother me that you cant do this from xenforo tbh. Not a massive issue to upload something via ftp and then import a file. I kinda look from the point of view that what would I rather have, an automatic upload and install procedure for the addons when Im capable of doing this myself, or more core feature for users being developed? Personally I would chose the latter. Make it easy for me to develop yeah, but other than that Im happy to install as we do at the moment.


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It would be handy if this was like Wordpress (for example) in that respect, where you could install something via the browser without delving into FTP. However as I regularly FTP anyway for other stuff it hasn't really bothered me. Could be a nice feature to have in future though. Anything that makes life easier for those not confident with FTP and the likes can only be good.


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would be perfect for me, since port 21 is blocked for me in the office....