Install issue with v(cough)b but will be a xf hopefully soon

Robert F Schmitz

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OK here is what I did. I had hosting for That domain is redirected to my site. I have a domain name with another host that my buddy runs. Since I no longer use the thelostcomm hosting I wanted to utilize the hosting (almost a year left in hosting) for my domain dallastownonline. I changed the dns server info to the hosting account and added the domain to using my thelost cpanel. Now if I type, it points to the santrex host.

I tried to install my vb4 but got errors. I installed my vb3.8 and that went ok. Images do not show up. If I right click and open in new tab, the image shows. I hit back and it is visible. Refresh and nothing. Right click again and get a 403 error.

Any suggestions? Did I fook something up royally? Just curious.


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Have the same issue with images not showing, but when I right click on the image and open it in a new tab it does show. Very strange, but the image paths are obviously right so not entirely sure why it won't open them.