"Install" button here at Xenforo for installed addons


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It would be nice to have button where we can click "Installed" or something similar, giving those who have downloaded and installed the option to click the button while allowing for tracking as well. I know we can see views but that doesn't really tell us much.

This would serve two key purposes:
1) Allow those who have clicked the button to keep track of what they have installed here through Xenforo, as it is there seems to be no way for Resources to track that in any way.
2) Allow the developer to see how many actual installs their addon has received.

It seems like maybe this isn't implemented because Resources are often housed on other developer sites and while that's true at least Xenforo can also keep track on their own site. Regardless of where it's downloaded from, one can still mark as installed here.
This was at thing on vB.org and honestly, it was not used much.
Not sure where this is coming from but it is not true, it's one of the best features of that site and is used all the time, there are literally tens of thousands of installs there. People want to keep track of what they've installed and most developers want to keep track of how many of installed it.
As a developer on vB.org, and as a former staff there, I can say without a doubt that the feature was not used much.
Same here, member for years and also served as a mod which is why I'm surprised that you're downplaying this. Again, tens of thousands is hardly "not used much", let's be realistic here.

I didn't want to bring them up in this thread and let it stand on its own here but it is what it is. For those running this site it would be nice if you would consider something similar for tracking purposes.
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