Add-on Install.... Better Analytics 3.1.1 + Bonus Features



I purchased Better Analytics 3.1.1 + Bonus Features found here and I'm having a hard time with google.

The software is properly installed on my site, but I'm having a tough time setting up the "Google API Project Credentials" portion of the software. The problem section below:

In order to be able to pull data from your Analytics account via API calls, you need to create a Project under the Google API Console.

Project needs to have the Analytics API enabled under APIs & auth -> APIs.

Under APIs & auth -> Credentials, you need to Create new Client ID that is a Web application with an authorized redirect URI of:

My question is... Who can help me get this darn thing running properly on my site? You'll basically have to setup everything for me on google and configure it all on my site.

You must have extensive experience with this noted software and xenForo software.

Please send me a personal message. Let me know how much and when you can do this for me.

Thank you.
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