Fixed "Insert link" doesn't respect cursor position anymore since XenForo 2.2.13


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Place the cursor between two words, then click the "Insert link" button, enter a URL + link title, click the "Insert" button.

Expected result: The link should be inserted at the cursor position.

What actually happens: The link is inserted at the start of the line.

The issue does not exist when you select a word instead of just positioning the cursor.
Froala editor is such "fun".
At this point we've had so many issues with the editor that we practically beg our users to turn it off and just type the bbcode themselves. 90% of our support requests come from people that experience issues with the editor either messing up or completely breaking their post formatting, especially in editing existing posts.
Editor bugs reported for awhile... editor developers aren't fixing them reliably, when they fix something they seem to break something else... so the only real alternative is to evaluate other editors... I honestly think even CKEditor would beat Froala.
I now at least one XF developer would appear to be happy to dump Froala for a better editor (and at the time, Froala was better than Redactor, which it replaced).
My users are also experience this bug. Its very frustrating.

I hope for a quick fix (patch) or update (2.2.14). Thanks!
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