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Input on domain name

Tracy Perry

Well-known member
Thinking about setting up a site dealing with Linux.
Most of the good names are taken - but I am thinking about 1 of the below 2

Which one would be better?

Tracy Perry

Well-known member
Shorter better!?
That's what I'm leaning towards... but may do both and use servinglinux.com as the domain name for the site and redirect the other to it. That way the site logo can have Now Serving Linux in it and not get confused with any other site with that domain name. :p
That's what I did with my sayapple.com one and also registered justsayapple.com and redirected it to the shorter one.
Already have an idea in my head for the logo. A chef holding up a serving dish with a lot of CD's on it.

Tracy Perry

Well-known member
If it's a forum / community, how about - linuxcomm ?
linuxcomm.com? ehhh.. just a few to many com's there. :LOL:
I prefer trying to keep to the .com extensions.
I've already grabbed the first two... but if something better comes up I'm open for that too (heck, at only $9 a domain, it's less than a pizza snack. ;)

I'm already in the process of setting it up. The domains are configured and resolving to the server and the try-out install of myBB is up with forums already being configured. The style still has to be worked on (a logo made mainly).
I figure I'll grab a copy of xenForo a month... in 6 months I'll have all of 'em on xenForo. If they don't take off, I can always try something else with them. :coffee: