XF 1.2 inline question


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How can I inline my forum into my main website? I keep getting this permission error. I know how to inline but need to fix permission in my cpanel.

"The website you are trying to display in the inline frame does not allow you to do that."

Rigel Kentaurus

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Not really possible. XenForo sends a header that prevents it from being included inside a frame :) That is by design
Frames has not been the way to go for years now

If you really, *really* want to do it remove this line
$this->_response->setHeader('X-Frame-Options', 'SAMEORIGIN');
from library/XenForo/ViewRenderer/Abstract.php


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Digital... thanks.. don't know if you were being mean or not but I did search but I used I and frame not iframe together.

And thank you to all the rest... we will use your suggestions today.

Mike Edge

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Go into your config.php and add

$config['enableClickjackingProtection'] = false;

If you need more help, open a ticket with us and I'll be happy to add it for you