Add-on Inline Link Expander (Facebook / Slack style)


Is there an add-on that does link expansion, within the body of the text of the thread, similar to how Facebook and Slack handle links?

I see there are a number of add-ons that add a pop-up window, but those aren't very pleasant.

It would be great if the add-on could take a link, provide the preview image and the summary text all within the body of the thread. I couldn't seem to find one....
I second the motion! NodeBB has one based on and the developer said it was easy to write.

You embed an URL for, say, an Apple watch and instead of getting a link you have to click on, you get a preview like this inline:

It makes it so easy to read posts from sites like Reddit, WordPress (they have a plugin), BoingBoing, etc.

An alternative to might be:

(See how nice it would have been for that link to auto embed a preview so you don't have to click on it?)