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Individual Trophy Icons

I absolutely love the concept of Xenforos trophies, but since my board does not have a title ladder, the trophy points hardly have any relevance there.
On the other hand, I really missed icons for the trophies - so I made some template changes.



  1. Find/create icons that fit your trophies
  2. Rename them: "trophy_1.png" for the trophy with ID=1, "trophy_2.png" for ID=2, etc.
  3. Upload them to your server
  4. Open trophy template
  5. Replace entire code with:
<xen:require css="trophy.css" />
<div class="trophy" id="trophy-{$trophy.trophy_id}">
    <div class="points"><img title="{$trophy.title}" alt="{$trophy.title}" src="[PATH TO YOUR TROPHY ICON DIRECTORY]/trophy_{$trophy.trophy_id}.png"></div>
    <xen:if is="{$trophy.award_date}">
        <div class="awarded">{xen:phrase awarded}: <xen:datetime time="$trophy.award_date" /></div>
    <div class="info">
        <h3 class="title">{$trophy.title}</h3>
        <p class="description">{xen:phrase points}: {$trophy.trophy_points}</p>
        <p class="description">{xen:raw $trophy.description}</p>