Lack of interest Indicator when an user posts his/her first message on the forum

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I think these improvements that apparently came with XF 1.5 are great: User messaging improvements and welcome contact.
Any worthwhile improvement that stimulates social interaction (or at least a 'community' sense/feeling) on our XF powered communities is very welcome.

I think Facebook for example made great steps the last years in that direction. Not only in bigger things (Facebook Messenger -as a new totally new separate app from the main app/site- comes to mind) but also in small things. Sometimes it's the little things that matter. Here:

new member Facebook.png

A new member is posting for the first time in a FB group/community. Facebook now indicates this to the community by stating that this is a 'New member' and it tell us that 'Gertrude shared her first post'.

Especially the latter makes things personal/social. It makes the member feel welcome visibly on the community itself (instead of receiving a PM/PC or email behind the scenes so to speak) and therefor it invites the other community members to make her feel welcome by commenting (replying) on it. This is impossible when you only receive a private PM/PC or email, because that does not do anything on the public forums.

I do not know if this is already possible with user promotions and style adjustments, if yes, then do consider this suggestion not made. But I think that what Facebook is doing very well recently, could benefit our XF powered communities as well.

Like this for example:

indicate first posting of a new user.png

The available space in the upper-right corner is the perfect place to show this indicator.

I think a small thing like this is less 'heavy' than a welcome thread for example. Such a functionality can have the effect that not everyone appreciates complete welcome threads. A small indicator is less obtrusive (on several levels) and still stimulates the social aspect of a XF powered community.

(PS: 'This user' as a text in the example above could be changed into the Username itself and the gender could be pulled to, so you get : 'Mr. Lucky shared his first posting'. Making Mr. Lucky feeling even more lucky... )

I like my idea :) (unfortunately I can not click 'like' on my own posts, so I leave that up to you - or not ;-) )
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Coincidentally... this just popped up on my screen:

first message alert.png

The system already monitors you have posted a first message. Brilliant, I was not aware of that. (Since it was 1.822 postings ago that I would have gotten that message over here ;)). So if the system already has this information, the route to let this info be displayed right in that first posting itself, appears not to be that difficult?