Increase the 50 Character forum title limit

+1 this.

Mine forum titles also over 50 but because of this restriction I have to write in shorts.

Many of my forum titles require more than 50 characters also.
I was able to go over 50 characters with the forum software I was running before.

I would be happy to contribute some money towards getting this solved.

Greetings BassMan.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Although this is a very nice addon, unfortunately it seems to apply to the character limit of Thread titles, rather than node titles such as Category and Forum. In fact I messaged its developer, AndyB, to check on this.

There does seem to be a hack -- explained by Staff Member, Jake Bunce -- that can extend the character limit of Nodes to 100:

But its implementation is a bit beyond my ability -- or rather my confidence to try it without wondering whether I'll stuff up my forum (!!)

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Oh, sorry, read it too fast. I hope you'll get a solution from developer AndyB.

No problem. It's always useful for a newbie like me to check out the vast collection of Xenforo Addons that are available! One thing leads to another and you never know what you'll discover. (Hmmm ... I think that rhymes.)


I think a forum administrator should be able to do this with ease, but I also believe that a forum title should rarely need to be over 50 characters, but sometimes there are necessary exceptions such as longer words, so I guess I support this.
I use taxonomic names on my sites and this limit kills me. I actually created a thread regarding this a few minutes ago requesting that it is added during a xenforo upgrade. I am sure there is a reason for it being set at 50 (I asked why in the thread as well) but this is something I have to have. the manual modification of the database and file is bad practice that i learned from my days using vbulletin. I really want to avoid making my mistakes of the past. I support this being increased in the next upgrade 100000%. lol I NEED this functionality!
Bumping and liking this as I would like to see this increased too and/or have an option to change this so it persists through forum upgrades.
Gotta do my duty and bump this thread. The Add-On mentioned above is no longer available, and the only one which is, makes tons of changes to tons of different title limits. I don't want something so invasive.

As far as title length goes, I am not certain what the XenForo code side of this limitation is for. But as a Forum Admin, the only thing I care much about is how my Titles look in Google search results, which is what this basically controls.

I have to add 1 more word to one of my Node titles right now and I can't do it. And its going to be a major money making title as it is going to be a hugely influential landing page on my site in the coming months. The title must contain this additional word.

I'd like to put my vote in that this limit be removed, increased, or modifiable to some extent. And if anyone can tell me how I can add this word (which kicks me to about 54 characters) without having to install some massive plugin that modifies tons of stuff on my site, I'd appreciate it.

If we go custom coding on this, i assume its just another thing I have to "remember" to re-implement the next time we do an upgrade @Liam W? :(
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