Increase Max Characters


I realize that I can manually modify the file and database to accomplish this function but I need to ensure that it is never overwritten during an upgrade, as it would severely cripple my sites functionality until I re-modified the file and database.

How can this be accomplished with a plugin?

I use a lot of taxonomy (latin names of plants and animals) on the site(s) I am developing and some of them are rather large. I have already encountered several that I can't add as of yet because of the restrictions. I have searched the site and read posts that stated the table will likely never change but it is possible. The file itself though will be overwritten each time I upgrade. Since it is as simple as modifying one file and the table, wouldn't it take just minutes to make it a default increase on a Xenforo upgrade and have the issue resolved for everyone who seeks this functionality? Why was the title limited to 50 characters? Is there a reason for this restriction? (I am trying to understand if there is a plausible reason for this so i understand how it works, and of course, why. lol)

I am all for using a plugin too but couldn't find one. How could I write one to accomplish this? I modified my vBulletin forums extensively and do not want to make the same mistakes with Xenforo. (File modification blows!) Manually modifying the base code just doesn't work for me with the size these sites are going to be. Trying to recall what you do and to what files can get exhausting. I would greatly appreciate some help with this issue or instruction on how to code a plugin that could accomplish this.