XF 2.1 Incorrect IP logged in moderator records


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Not exactly sure what has happened, but under my username I notice some actions that 100% know I performed today have logged a different users IP against them in moderator logs.

The incorrect IP does belong to one user that was logged into the forum at the same time.

Just raising as there does seem to be a minor issue somewhere

Chris D

XenForo developer
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If your server is behind some sort of proxy or you use a similar client proxy/VPN to another user that would explain it.

Is this possible? What is the IP address?


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Using cloudflare, could that be a cause?

The wrong IP was v6 an the right one was a v4. Nothing on my client to explain it

Wrong IP is 2a02:c7d:118a:dd00:ecc0:fe27:7786:321d and another user was using this IP today around the time the wrong one was logged