Include removed/renamed files in changelog

Jake B.

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I just cleared out my entire src/XF, src/XFRM, src/XFMG and src/XFES directories and replaced them with fresh copies to remove any files that were removed/renamed previously and there were quite a few of them. To make it easier on future releases (doubtful there are any that are removed anymore since it's so close to release, but still worth suggesting) could you include this in the release thread along with the changed templates? Should help me (and I'm sure several other people) keep our repository clean, and not end up accidentally using removed classes :)


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This would indeed be helpful.

Where are the changelogs posted? Are there any?

I only see announcements in this forum with zero information on changes, just new version numbers and some copy/paste that looks the same for each release.

The download package doesn't seem to have any changelog file, and I don't see anything in the customer area.


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You can use total commander for checking changed files/directories
Yeah that is one way. I use Beyond Compare to check for file differences, I think it's similar.

I still think it would be nice if a proper changelog was published with each release. These update announcements are like mystery boxes.