Include PHP script with CURL


Hope that anyone out there could help me solve this one ;)

I have installed
Created a tab with
<div class="baseHtml messageText">
{xen:raw $myContent}
and PHP Callback
Ranksystem_PageCallback_Test :: respond

I have tried up and down and everything since this morning, but cant figure it out :s

Please enter a valid callback method. in the file. Where to find all theese?

I get that all the time, I manage to use the default.
But i cant get it working with my script in it.

Could anyone please help me?
Would be nice through PM or something so i can show my script.

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
With that stack trace you can find the exact code that is causing the error. There is a _SESSION variable somewhere that is not defined. That needs to be addressed in your code.