Include non-XF pages in users online?


Is there a simple, lightweight solution for including visitors looking at non-XF pages in the XF users online count?

I would like to include a snippet of code on non-XF php driven pages that will count a visitor as "on the site" in the XF count.

If it checked session and login status, great.

If it included the location of the page the visitor was looking at, great.

If it just tracks and tallys all non-XF visitors, saves to a new column in DB marked as "non-XF", then that final # is added to the online count for XF, ok with that too.

Just want to ensure our users online reflect the entire site's traffic, not just who is viewing XF specific pages.

Prior to moving to XF, we were on vBulletin, and all our non-forum content were within vBulletin add-ons, so users online was always representative of everyone everywhere. Moving to XF required splitting out to Wordpress for non-forum content, so it's a little trickier to get this done now.

Any thoughts? Thanks!
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