XF 1.1 Incapsula client IP reporting problem

Paul Thomson

New member
Hello all,

I'm being logged out of my forums every few minutes and I believe it's down to the client IP not being passed through to my proxy correctly, I was wondering how I could edit some settings to fix the issue?

I'm using Incapsula as a additional security measure to my site and they have kindly provided a fix/explanation of how to edit vBulletin's settings to work in harmony with their service but unfortunately not for XF!

I have contacted Incapsula support but they don't seem to be very fast at getting back to me so figured I'd start a thread on here as others may be experiencing similar problems.

I am using APC for caching but have not set the variable for ['cacheSessions'], and remains set to false.

I've read the post by Jake at http://xenforo.com/community/threads/keep-logging-out-of-xf-with-chrome.22968/#post-286837 which has helped to diagnose the problem but still searching for a fix.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

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