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I want to know if there will be improvements in the profiles, and that what is xenforo
great contribution in creating profiles, I think more attention should be placed
to improve the profiles incorporating photo album, let me know if there will be more improvements and whether we will see new applications in the profiles.

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I'm almost sure that features added to the profile is a certainty it would be futile to leave it as it is and knowing the devs they will have plans for this area. Leading up to gold however major features won't be added and the devs will be concentrating on fixing bugs, refining existing features creating an even more stable product. Afterwards however, they are planing on going full swing with regards to adding features and I'm sure a staff member and/or one of the devs will pop along to clarify. :)


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Just today Mike confirmed once again that there were plans for Custom Profile fields. I am not sure what other plans there are.


The important thing is that new developments allow members to participate more
profiles and give more importance to friends'profiles generated,
I think the great contribution made to the world xenforo forums are profiles
that allows members to participate more in the forums and learn more from the
members and this makes it very attractive when wanting to become a community.

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The profiles are also fairly modular and can be customized on the code end if you have an immediate need like I did.

works well


I wonder if the profiles have the option to tag my friends, what would be good to havethis option in profiles and forums that better integration would help users to label animage or theme that help to better involvement of users in the forums, also would be nice if users could change their photos from the same profile, are improvements needed inthe profiles, to help users have better experiences in the forums


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