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It would be great if this feature had a few small revisions made to it. Yes, there are some add-one that overhaul paid accounts, but they are almost too feature rich and not really what I need.

I use this to sell stickers and patches. Maybe shirts and hats in the future. I like the simplicity of using this page for purchases and having it automatically upgrade the members’ accounts, as opposed to using an external site like Shopify, which I have tried.

I know this page is not necessarily designed for selling products and it’s more for regular account upgrades. But I think it could be improved with a few small changes.

The issue I have with it is the need to list the same product multiple times to offer different prices and colors/models.

It would be great if I could have one option for my sticker and one option for my patch. Then, the sticker area could have a drop down for which design they want and then a second drop down for the price they want to pay, or a box for them to enter a custom price.

The patch would work the same. If I added shirts, I could have a drop down for sizes, etc.

If we could go the extra mile, a built in monthly donation goal would be fantastic. Again, I know add-ons can do that. Just a thought.

That’s about it. Thank you.
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