Improve Username change


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Next, we've added an option so that you can control how frequently a user can change their usernames. By default we have set this to 30 days but it can be set to a much higher value, if desired, or set to a lower value or even 0 so users can change their usernames as frequently as they like. This is also the amount of time that needs to pass after a new user registers before they're able to change their username for the first time.

All right, but it would be better if you could set a limit for each group.
It would also be good if there was a right to the maximum number of user name changes
The second nice thing would be that the user would be set a non-standard title with the following phrase formerly 'name'.
And according to the crown for example after a certain time it would be possible to adjust through which this title is removed. e.g:
Days are customized in options.
It would also be nice to add a option so that when registering the user can use the previously used names or not.
And of course, so that in the control panel the administrator can view previously used names
Or add a tab or something else
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