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I'm not sure if this would be considered a duplicate because there are suggestions that touch on small aspects of the overall picture here.

Might I suggest that work is done in future to improve the out of the box scoring under tools such as google pagespeed, gtmetrix and webpagetest?

Now that page speed and browser render times are ranking factors I think this should be given consideration because as it stands, there are several areas that need some attention.

Mr Lucky

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I'm not sure how much difference out of the box changes might make. Yes, there may be some images that aren't needed in many styles, gradients spring to mind but they are tiny. I do think also it wold be good if all image sizes were defined, I'm not sure they are at the moment.

However I found since switching hosts to MattW my site is now loading way faster than before, I am now temped to think that the vast majority of speed enhancements you can do with xenforo is on the server, and that that side of it really needs addressing first as (for me at least) that was a real bottleneck.

Daniel Hood

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Mr Lucky

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Although I don't think it loads slow does show some complaints. Typically I don't really care but a bunch of people that rely on search traffic for their community will care about this. Especially now that google is (apparently) using it to help rank sites.
Some of that is due to the site content itself rather than the xenforo software e.g. optimising images that users have posted, in this case it's the latest media widget in the sidebar:

Nothing to do with xenforo itself

And this:

Could be reduced by 17% to save 521B

That is a bit nitpicky IMO.

Plus: double redirects is not the software itself but the site redirects to https

But yes, maybe minifying CSS and html would help.

Daniel Hood

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I agree the ones you focused on are a bit nitpicky. The ones at the top are not though.

55 / 100Speed
Should Fix:

That's the section I'm looking at. Some of it's images, some of it is making javascript not block the rest of the page load.