Importing messages by date range.


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Is it possible to import messages by a date range?

I have had my database converted from IPB to vB so I could move to xF and everything has worked out well.. but then I thought that during the few days I am getting all of this done, I will miss some threads and posts that were posted on my live site.

Is there a way to import only those few threads and posts? Is it possible to do a mysql dump with a date range attached?

I know I can close the live site when it's time to convert and then do another dump, and import everything again into xF, but then I will have to set permissions again, etc and all that against a clock while the board is offline.

Is a date range possible? Do you think it would work?


Jake Bunce

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Normally you want to avoid that situation by closing the source forum until the import is done.

Or if you are doing a test import then you should do another full import from scratch once you are ready to go live. I recommend you use the test forum as a point of reference in doing the final import (as opposed to building onto the test forum).

As for your specific question... there is no built in option to import only new content. You would have to modify the import script or prune the source forum before importing from it.


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I thought that might be the case. Normally when converting I would close the site and then be 'against the clock' to get everything imported, done permissions set, making sure not to miss anything before turning the site back online...

I was just trying to avoid that, but I suppose it's the only real way to do it and do it right.

Thanks for the reply! I'll close the site and move things over the normal way. :)