XF 1.3 Importer fails to confirm path

Neil E.

Active member
The importer cannot confirm the Custom Avatar Path and the Attachment Path. This is importing from phpBB3.

avatars are at phpBB3/images/avatars/upload
attachments are at phpBB3/files

When I look at the phpBB3 config file it has $dbport = '';
In the XF Importer there is MySQL Port: 3306 by default. Does this have any bearing on the problem?
The importer only complained about the avatars and attachments.

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
You need to enter a path relative to your XF directory which should start with a "./" (relative to current directory) or "/" (full server path). When in doubt use a full server path.

Visit admin.php?tools/phpinfo and search the page for "DOCUMENT_ROOT". That will reveal the full server path which can be used to construct a full path to your phpBB directories.

Neil E.

Active member
Jake was a huge help on this. The tip that made the difference was to copy the dbase info directly from the phpBB3 config file. Even though it was originally manually entered and identical in every way, it did not work. The copied info went fine.