XF 1.1 Import from XF1.1


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Last time I checked, and for mysterious reasons, it was impossible to import XF1.1 into newer Xenforos
(XF 1.4)

Is it still true ?

thanks !


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You have to realise that it forces XF1.1 users that have heavily modded installs to
- copy their live install
- upgrade this live install to 1.2, with no uses on it.
- migrate this install into their new 1.4 install
It's a pain

I have difficulties to understand why the imports stop at 1.2, apart from it not beeing a priority... WHich is probably sad but true :)


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If you are importing into another forum then surely the source forum is irrelevant after the import?

In which case there is nothing more to do than upgrade - you don't need to worry about any modifications, outdated templates/styles/add-ons, etc.

I would hardly consider it a pain.