import from ipb3.2 database only


I have got a ipb3.2 database but don`t have its files but the import tool is asking for the install directory too.

What should i do?

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
The IPB importer needs the path for avatars and attachments. If you don't want to import those things then you should be able to just point it to an empty directory to satisfy the required field. I remember doing this once before when I only had an IPB database. The directory you specify needs to contain an "uploads" folder though.


I normally just copy the files in a folder and change the config file to reflect db details(Means do not install it) and it works out. But i want to know if their is any other way of doing this?

Like the code that i need to modify so that it dosen`t asks for files and if ask for it then it is optional.