XF 2.2 Import attachment photos not working

No, that won't change anything.

Are the photos attachments in posts in VB?

Can you post some links to the original VB post and imported post in XF?
I sorry Brogan. I tried again. Now just different troubles.. Now I can't access the The Forum with all sub forums and the photos. I see them but can't access. On the bright side, The Photos are mirrored to the Gallery. Other Photos on other forums work.

I will send you a link in conversation.
Does it mater if a User's Primary user group is Registered and Secondary Administrative..

Does Xenforo add administrator automatically to secondary?
I see now that all URL´s to forums are "main-forum.2"
The Forum Urls in question do not have that ".Number" ending

Okey VS Broken
forums/main-forum.2/ VS forums/1966/
I have replied to your ticket.

For anyone else encountering this, the image exists in XF but the bbcode in the post is incorrect: [URL='http://filedata/fetch?id=356&d=1573247069'][ATTACH type="full" width="30%" alt="something"]79[/ATTACH][/URL]

The URL tags should not be there.
This is likely due to the source code in VB.

If it is edited to: [ATTACH type="full" width="30%" alt="something"]79[/ATTACH]

Then it works.

You can use this add-on to programmatically change the post content: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/post-content-find-replace.5748/

You can post in the add-on thread for assistance with the regex required to remove the url tags.
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