ImageMagick PECL Resizing


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Do you know whether or not the PECL imagemagick extension strips EXIF data when resizing photos?

GD does, and it's quite annoying for our members (we're a photo forum). If imagemagick turns out to be better, then I'll go ahead and install it and enable it.


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You would need to attach a large photo that contains metadata, then download it and see if the metadata is still there.

Here is a photo that's quite large that you could test this with:

If you scroll down to the bottom here, there's a table containing the EXIF metadata:

If you're a Windows user, you can check the metadata by clicking on properties and going to the 'details' tab (once you download the photo to your computer).

Ideally, what you see in the properties should be the same for both versions of the image. If not, then we can conclude that the scaling stripped it.

Thanks for the help!