XF 1.3 Image does not use Lightbox to display large version

When an image is uploaded to a post, you can click to see the larger version. This worked as expected in release 1.2 and opened in Lightbox. I had the "LightBox Displays All Images on Page" option set in Options - Attachments.

But after I installed release 1.3, that option was no longer checked in Admin and when I did check it, the image does not open in Lightbox, but instead displays the larger version in the post, overlapping the sidebar.

This is an example. I am using Firefox on a PC.


XenForo moderator
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The lightbox can only be triggered by thumbnails.

Once the lightbox is open, all images will be shown in it.
I see that I misunderstood that Lightbox option and it would not have been checked in the earlier release. I must be remembering wrong about how the images looked when clicked to see the large size.

P.S. Great software!!