Lack of interest Image display


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Image display......,,,
as you can see in the screenshot
when you click yo make the image in the full sizs
the pic[image] goes Above it underneath



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mmm you have list pic
pic 1
pic 2

when you click on pic 1 to be in its full size ... it will go above pic 2
it should not do that ...
it should make a space [margin] below for pic 1 .... so when you click 1 ... pic 2 still visible ...

I hope it is clear now ,,,,

Luke F

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It would be nice if the image could expand vertically as suggested while horizontally as it does now. It does get quite confusing when stuff gets covered up by expanded images.


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Yea, if possible I'd also like for images to push down the rest of the content. If not, maybe at the very least it would be nice so that clicking away from the image also returns the image to the smaller size. Currently I find myself doing this a lot: Click an image to see the full size, start scrolling down to read more content and realize the image is covering it. Then I just click random space assuming the image will shrink, but realize I have to scroll back up and click the original image. You'd have to still allow multiple images to be enlarged at once though.