XF 1.4 Image Attachments on Posts

I've dove through previous posts with similar issues but I can't seem to find a fix or the exact situation I have.

I switch my board over to ImageMagick today to support animated gifs for avatars which the users had been asking for. Now this works perfectly, the gifs are animated and show up everywhere just as expected (Postbit membercard and sidebar) so I know ImageMagick is working.

What stopped working when I made this switch was the ability to put the full image or thumbnail on a file uploaded to a post. It just adds it as an attachment.

I switch it back to GD in Attachment options and it works fine, but new animated gifs are no longer supported then.

I did check the phpinfo to make sure the files I was trying to upload are included in the types that ImageMagick supports, the file extensions (in this case png and jpg) are also included in the Attachment options config.

Any ideas what could be causing this? If you need more information to help please just let me know!
Oh I forgot to mention as an additional troubleshooting step, I did disable all addons/plugins, try with the default theme and also try with and without the flash uploader.
So I solved my own problem after several hours of banging against it. Seems that after looking through my php.ini file that my copy of imagemagick did not have jpg or png compiled into it. I recompiled from source, restarted the webserver and poof it worked.