Other Image Attachment Modifier [well paid]


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I have a proprietary php program that converts a vector image into a raster image.

My goal is to generate and attach a raster preview image automatically when certain vector formats are attached.

I need a mod that when a vector file is attached to a message, it will call my program to generate an image, and then add that image as an attachment alongside the vector image attachment.

In essence, the user attaches a vector file, and a raster preview image gets attached automatically.

The result should be the same as if the user attached both files, with no other difference in XFs behavior, both files should appear as attachments.

It shouldn't need any configuration options, the list of recognized vector file types that trigger the mod can be hard coded, my program determines what size the preview image should be, XFs default behavior works fine once the images are attached, so all it does is call my program and add the resulting image file as an attachment.

If necessary the return file type can be fixed as PNG, but I wouldn't mind being able to return a GIF, JPG, or PNG arbitrarily.

We just have to coordinate how my program gets the attached vector file from the mod and how my program can return an image file back to the mod for attachment.

Ideally the return image can have the same base filename as the vector image.

I can't reveal the actual program, so an emulator that outputs a test image could be provided if necessary.

Cost is the least of my worries. Will pay top dollar for a top notch developer to get this done.