XF 1.4 I'm going to need some support. Taking the leap...

Well, real quick, I'm a real forum lunatic. I've been operating "forums" since the mid 80s on a Commodore 64 when we used to call them "BBS". When I moved over to the internet I found UBB and loved what that system had to offer. They switched to OpenTopic and answered a question nobody was answering - so I switched to vBulletin. vBulletin has done the same with vB5 and it's time I switch again.

I already own and operate two very small XenForo's but they were started from scratch. I'm looking to do a conversion from the latest version of vB4 and I'm going to need a little help.

I'm planning on installing the software into a new "forum" directory and then, after everything is situated, renaming the old vBulletin "forums" directory to something else and changing the XenForo "forum" directory to "forums" and taking vBulletin's place... It appears there are several url redirection scripts that I could choose from in order to get things situated quickly with search engines like Google. Would anyone like to recommend something specific?

Does anyone have any advice for me? It's not a tremendous forum:
Threads 36,537 Posts 211,948 Members 32,517
...but it sure means a lot to me...

I plan on moving the rest of my busiest forums to XenForo once I get through with this one...
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Yes although you cannot import your current subscriptions so you 'd need to start over and walk your members through re-subscribing.
Yes although you cannot import your current subscriptions so you 'd need to start over and walk your members through re-subscribing.
That's a challenge. So I'd need to cancel each subscription at PayPal and individually manage when users would be placed back into a non-paying user group. I wonder if this is something that can be created as a plugin or something...


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You can't cancel anything in PP, your members will need to cancel their recurring payments from their PP account and then re-purchase a new upgrade.
I had created a nice tutorial that walked them through it.

It can't be fixed as a plugin because everything is managed on PP's side of things: the subscription is really just the product and everything else is handed off to your customer's PP account.

It really wasn't much of a problem if you do it right - I actually got more upgrades and some chose higher levels.


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Even your vB site works much the same way:
PP charges your customer a recurring payment. PP pings your callback url (on your server) with an IPN, vB or XF then process the upgrade. If your server stops receiving IPNs, the subscription/upgrade is downgraded.


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You CAN cancel recurring subscriptions. However you can't modify them or start new ones for your customers.
With Downgrade?
That will downgrade them but next time the IPN comes through, they will be upgraded again. Or so happened to me a few years ago. Maybe there's another way that I don't know about?


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All I know is that you can go to your paypal account and cancel a subscription payment that is made to you, I have done it several times. The ones I canceled weren't for forum upgrades, they were for other services I provide. The user would email me and tell me they wanted to cancel the particular service, so I canceled them and went to my Paypal account and canceled their subscription payment.


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This isn't my site but I found it in another thread:
It's pretty clear that the User needs to do this in their PP account but I'd love to learn another way.


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They may have left the old site up hidden away from public view to maintain the old subscriptions and allow the transfer of the subscriptions happen gracefully over time?