I'm famous now... well technically I may be

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I was doing some reading on XenForo and I came across this blog, again. I'm sure most of you know the blog and those who are clever enough know who the owner of it is. It isn't too hard to figure out.

Anywho, whilst reading the blog I noticed an image. I thought the image looked familiar, so I clicked on it, and it was an image of a post I had made just a few days ago. Wonderful, I'm famous! Well, I technically might be. Anyone think the DailyMail or the Sun would pick up on this blog posting? It's well within their professional realm to run such stories. :p


Now the ironic part of this post is that I'm not a XenForo customer. I thought about it initially, but decided to hold off until after this legal crap was swept under the rug. I was a Jelsoft customer years ago, and again for a short period about 3 years ago. Aside from that, I've been an IPS user most of that time.