XF 2.2 If user comes from search engine or other ways to detect humans


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For xenForo 1 the conditional if a user comes from search engine was:

<xen:if is="{$visitor.from_search}">


But I was unable to find a relative version for Xenforo 2.x.

I aim at finding a way to find legitimate users (or at least try to) as I'm victing of click bombing, so a way to find out if they're coming from search engine would be handy, but I'm also open to other ideas (if any) to defeat malicious bots once and for all, or at least make it harder for them to pass through. Thank you.

I'm using cloudflare but I'm not willing to turn on "I'm under Attack" mode just to stop bots from accessing my site, as it'd heavily and negatively impact my users, too.

I already succesfully implemented a mobile device check, which partially helps, but I also would like to find legitimate users from desktop (around 25% of my visits).

Thank you
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