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XF 1.4 If signature is to big it gets a scroll down!?


Active member
Hi xenForo,

My users is now using toooo big signatures, so i want like vbulletin that if it's too big its getting a "scroll down"

I want to do so that you can not have bigger signatures than 150 pixels in height and 500 pixels in width.

But if you have it, you get a "scroll down"/ "scroll bar" on your signature - as vBulletin

Example: http://forum.ragezone.com/f197/anti-ddos-vs-firewall-free-993975/ (Scroll down until you see a reply by "MU Online SEA" and look at his signature)

Thanks so much!!!



XenForo moderator
Staff member
Try adding something like this to EXTRA.css:

.message .signature {
max-height: 100px;
overflow-y: auto !important;
Change the values to suit.