If i renew my licence will Mike be coding even if XF win the court case

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I don't think you're buying a licence for the coders, you're buying it for the software.

I doubt this'll be answered (there seems to be a lot of speculation regarding Mike's employment), but Kier has said that he's "not fighting for nothing".
Correction, he said "We're not fighting for nothing" :)

My opinion - we cannot speculate such an issue, there will be negative and positive speculation but speculation no definitive answer unless its from one of the company representatives (Kier, Ashley, Mike).
Because you don't know the answer? Hate posts like this around here.

No, only Mike knows the answer to that question YOU seem to think about.
And I'm even not sure about that.

But the question here was:
"If i renew my licence will Mike be coding even if XF win the court case"

And the answer would be:
"It makes no difference if you buy a license too. There have been several hundreds of licenses sold and development had been stopped regardless. Also stopping of development had nothing to do with the court case. Only the guys themselves know if they can (or will) sorts their private things out. Kier seems to have at least a little bit of hope."
If any member of KAM left the business, there would be an announcement.

If any member of KAM wanted to throw the towel in, they could have done it a long time ago. (rather than spending hundreds of thousands of dollars defending their company).

Any speculation beyond these 2 points is pointless. The only person who can answer that question would be Mike.
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