XF 2.1 If I had a need to change a custom thread field ID, table updates besides thread_field & thread_field_values?


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One one of my sites I've had a custom thread field in place for a bit that has been getting used but when I created the fields they had some specific IDs give to them. Since them I've been working on a creating a widget to use the values but have been trying to make it as generic as possible so I can just use one widget for a few different purposes on different sites.

In short... it'd make my life easier to change the IDs of the existing custom thread fields on one of my sites instead of duplicating a widget entirely just for the different named IDs. If I change the IDs, is it as simple as just updating the values in xf_thread_field & xf_thread_field_values or are there other data points I'd need to take into account? 🤔