If I disable a User Upgrade - will it still demote users when it expires?


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I have a User Upgrade that I would like to discontinue.

I have 25 members who have a current subscription which expires sometime over the next 12 months.

If I disable the User Upgrade will those users be demotes from the "subscribers" usergroup when their upgrade subscription ends?

My aim is to continue providing the extras for those who've paid, but to stop any further members paying/subscribing.

Shaun :D


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Any upgraded users should remain upgraded.

I actually have a permanently disabled upgrade on my site which I apply manually, although it is a permanent upgrade.


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I would have to test that but I'm going to say a tentative yes as the end date, etc. is stored in the DB and the Downgrade Expired User Upgrades cron task should still deal with it.

I would have to test it to verify that though.