if condition to display code only between 2 dates


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I will be going out of the country and won't have access to my site, I want to have some changes that reflect an event that will occur during the time i'm gon. I want to set up some code that will display after a date and stop displaying after another date and display on all the days inbetween.

So for instance today is the 28th. I'll add the code now. and set it to display on the 1st. between now and the first the code won't display. after the 1st the code shows up automatically but I don't want the code shown the whole time i'm gone. I want to to stop showing on say, the 5th.

so to recap.

28th: code added
1st: code starts showing
5th: code still added but no longer showing

and another thing that would be cool is that the code is timezone dependant so people in the east see it when it hits midnight but people in the west won't see it till midnight of the time zone they have set. I'm not really bothered about this I just figured it would be cool.