If 5-10 of the XenForo regulars made a forum together, what do you think would happen?


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Not that I think any of us have the time or energy to actually do this, but just to speculate...

Because this site would be made by the XF gurus, you’d expect it to look and operate to a higher standard. And while I am personally a fan of the classic forum layout to this day, I think this hypothetical website would need to be different in a few ways.

First, what would it even be about? The one — and maybe only, thing we all have in common, is web development. However, there are plenty of web dev communities already and I’ll get back to that in a minute.

As I mentioned earlier, the classic forum structure is nice. I’m not a fan of social media for discussion communities. I browse Reddit regularly but I think the classic forum is still superior for specific niche communities. Reddit’s structure works well for what it is — a place for literally anything about everything.

And then there’s forums like DEV.to — a Reddit-style structure but for a specific niche — in this case, web dev.

Back to the part about looking different because we’re XF gurus that can do cool things... I actually think the Reddit/DEV.to structure could work for this. The unique thing about it would be that it’s built with XF and therefore has some powerful back and front end tools that those two websites’ frameworks might not. In theory, the forum homepage would operate more like those sites (possibly built off of the XF new posts template). Link or text posts would be an option, just like Reddit. And thanks to XF’s new voting system, threads would be voted to the top of the homepage, just like Reddit.

And back to the niche... We’d all have web development in common but it’s already been done multiple times. However, most web dev communities focus on frontend designing, backend programming, hacking, and general computer science. Perhaps, to be a bit different, but still in an area we are all familiar with, we’d target the creative and management side of the WWW.

On the existing sites you can find plenty of good topics related to freelance and professional software development. But what about those whom the websites and apps were developed for? Content creators, small online businesses, website and blog owners, social media marketers, and management of other forms of online presence. I don’t know what to call all of that as a whole. Maybe the fronterend? And I’m not saying you can’t find content about these topics on somewhere like DEV.to. I’m just saying most hamburger joints sell hotdogs, but how about a hotdog joint that sells hamburgers?

Last thing: Ignore everything I said in this post. I’m bored at the moment so I’m using XF to occupy my mind rather than letting it go crazy on real-life stressors.