Browser issue  IE9 + TinyMCE Issue


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I realise this is not an XF issue, but it should still be noted.

IE9 (Preview 3) and TimyMCE aren't playing well, and thus, object errors:
at o=A.duplicate(), actually, I can't even write text in the box anymore.

I'll follow this up with TinyMCE to see what they thing about it.


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People are still using IE? I thought it was considered deprecated by the entire planet, last year. :)


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From what I've heard, IE9 is more standards and html5 compliant than Firefox.... of course it's not released yet. :)


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Until it is out the door I would not bother coding anything for it around it. Its not even in an offical beta state. Its a preview release, there may be one more before the first beta. But the first beta is coming soon.


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Granted, just to say that it still doesn't work in the latest preview, #4. What I have noticed is a deeper issue in the DOM, something I'd like to look at.