XF 1.4 Icon showing you replied in a thread doesn't appear anymore

Axel B

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Not sure if it is a bug in Xenforo or something that only happens on my forum.

The little icon that appears below the icon of the thread creator, which indicates you have replied in that thread, is not showing anymore after I've upgraded to the latest version of XF 1.4. It happens on the default XF skin and in the custom UI.X skin I'm using. My nub brain tells me that it is not something caused by UI.X... but then again, I'm the nub :)

Custom UI.X skin
Screenshot 2015-07-24 09.58.53.png

Default Xenforo skin
Screenshot 2015-07-24 09.59.23.png


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If it happened immediately after upgrading UI.X then that sounds like a possible cause.

However, try running this rebuild:


Axel B

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@Brogan, rebuilt the Thread Information and the icons which shows users when they have posted in a thread is shown again.
I've done some further testing, but for some reason it is not updated when I reply in a thread I haven't replied in before. It is not showing in the default XF skin nor in the custom UI.X skin :(

Not sure what to do next :(

Axel B

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Thanks for the tips @Brogan. I've disabled all addons and rebuild the caches. When I reply in a thread where I've not replied in before, the icon appears.
If I turn on UI.X and redo the test scenario, the icon does not appear anymore. Will contact the guys from Audentio.

Thanks for your time!