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Frank Ulmer

update, I got it (at least hope so :) )
<dt>{xen:hrase last_activity}:</dt> <xen:datetime time="{$user.last_activity}" />


So I use your Icewind Staff add-on, here is my configuration for a group "Owner"

Here is my configuration for the whole Icewind add-on

This is what it displays


What I want it to display is something like this; but like without the blocks saying Owner, and Administrator

Please help! Any help is appreciated!!!!!!


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I used this great addon to promote differerent user groups in the members menu.
Is there a similar addon for xf2? Anybody knows, please?
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Thank you. As far as I understand the linked addon, moderators can change the user group of single members to promote or demote them. That is nice but not, what I am looking for.

I am searching an addon which lists all users of a specific user group on a page and links the page in the members menu. That way I can create links in the member menu to pages listing "Sponsors", "Specialists", "Winners" etc...