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Icewind Permission Jump [Deleted]


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Lawrence submitted a new resource:

Icewind Permission Jump - Adds a jump to bottom link to permissions

Icewind Permission Jump adds a Jump to Bottom link to each permission page. The jump link is displayed beside the Permissions Help link. See screen shot.

This add-on consists of one phrase you can change: iwd_pj_jump_to_bottom, and 6 Admin Template Mods

I wrote this because as I was working on another add-on and testing its permissions, my mouse would groan "what new hell is this"*, every time I loaded a permission page and needed to scroll to the bottom, to change a permission or to save....
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Nice addon, could have had use for this one during Migration and re- setting the Usegroups, though when i was almost done i found out that pressing Enter works too on the permissions page.