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Icewind One-Eyed Willie - Moves the node list below the thread list in forum view

One-eyed Willie was a grey squirrel that used to come around. Having one eye, he loved short-cuts; helped him get away from other squirrels that would chase him. So this add-on is dedicated to the now departed One-eyed Willie.

What this add-on does: moves the node list, and the associated ad template to below the thread list. Willie would approve, as it makes it a lot quicker to view the thread list, especially if you have a lot of nodes contained in the forum being viewed.

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Just a note: if you are using a heavily modified style, and the 2 TMs don't take, just look at the XML file, and see what it does. You can easily make the changes to the forum view template yourself, :)
Thanks, :) hopefully after my next site update I'll have more time to tackle the remaining work on that forever-work-in-progress roster add-on of mine.
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