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Icewind Insidious Six - Displays members viewing a thread and forum

The insidious Six is the last of the gun slinger series.

What this add-on does: displays members viewing a particular thread or forum (by parent node), see SS's.

What this add-on does not do: make you coffee in the morning, get over it.

Options: AdminCp->Options->Icewind Insidious Six Options
Viewing Timeout: by default the Insidious Six uses the online status time out setting. If you have numerous amount of members on-line at any given time, you may over-ride...

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I finally installed this add-on on my RP site. Styled by just using this add-ons provided style properties:

styled_1.webp styled_2.webp

Also, I added a tool tip to the avatar to display a members name on hover, and also re-worked a template modification to make this add-on work better with another add-on I use. I'll release an updated version when a bug is found, or I come across another feature I would like added to this add-on.
Would it be possibly when you choose numbers, you could also see the guest at the forums ?

When I first began this add-on it was/is meant to perform a different role on my forum, that is, I needed to know what forum a member last viewed before they logged out or their session expired. I also wanted to display a list of "adventurers" that was located in a specific area of my site, almost like an actual game would. This add-on already had that information stored for me, so I decided to extended it into members viewing...

Add-ons of this type can be resource heavy on large active sites with a lot of online users. To help mitigate that I decided to not keep track of guests locations within forums, as guests normally far outweigh the number of logged in members (and I do not have a use to do so on my forum). It was a trade-off to any resources used by this add-on as low as possible, :)
@Lawrence Perhaps add a feature where it allows you to see who previously read the thread too.

I thought about it, but can not come up with a reliable way of keeping track with the exception of adding a new table (which would most likely grow pretty large if an admin marks a lot of threads as must read). Using activity date vs thread date is no guarantee that a user read a thread or not, and just because a member clicked on the thread title doesn't mean they read it either. You can use cookie-tracking, but again it is not reliable (and then if they clear cookies, they must read every must-read thread again).

The only thing I can think of is adding a link to the bottom of the threads text that a member must click to mark as them reading it, saving the thread id to a new field in the user table. Actually I may add this one in, as I do want new members to read some important threads on my new site I am currently creating. I'm not sure when I'll get around to it though, but it is noted, :)
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